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The flagship of the CNMI. A clothing & lifestyle company born and raised on a chain of 15 islands in the West Pacific. Approximately 8,000 miles away from the United States mainland. This company was established and created with one thing on our mind: the Mariana Islands. As we watched our brethren relocate to different parts of the world in pursuit of "The American Dream", we heard countless accounts of how much they missed the islands. But no matter how far they were from the motherland, their pride and spirit for the Commonwealth never fell short or less.

Through our travels, we've encountered many people wonder where we are from. Countless questions & answers as to where exactly Saipan is or how close it is to Hawaii and Japan. Or how we don't live in huts and wear grass skirts. And yes we do have cable, Internet, and McDonald's too. We wanted to fill the void and bridge the gaps- thus our motto: "Divided by Tide, United by Pride." It has always been our mission to spread the Marianas in all points of the world. Through our attention to detail and inspiration drawn from the root & soil that we were brought upon in the Marianas- we wanted to create & produce quality products that our people would be proud to use and cherish; whether you're cruising on Beach Road or driving through the Golden Gate Bridge. We wanted to create a staple that clearly stood for our islands, the culture, the tradition, and the TRIBE. This is your Tribe. This is our Tribe -The Marianas Tribe- which we are all bounded by through blood, loyalty, respect, or simply- love. Join us on our journey as we have set sail to bring our coconut trees & island breeze worldwide in hopes of globally recognizing the tiny dots on the map that we call "Home."